Sustainability at Athena Royal Beach Hotel: Our Green Promise

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Athena Royal Hotel, part of Constantinou Bros group, is an awarded, beachfront eco-friendly Paphos hotel. 


The Gold certification that Travelife awarded us in 2023 demonstrates our high standards regarding human rights, labor, community engagement, environmental impacts and sustainability.


We are very proud of this distinction because it is the result of numerous efforts to provide the best guest experience possible while respecting the environment.



We are overjoyed that our eco-friendly Paphos hotel, Athena Royal, is now officially a part of the global hospitality culture shift toward a more sustainable development model across a range of sectors.

Our sustainability practices at a glance:


Environmental Policies:
By using an energy-saving system, we are able to monitor and better understand our hotel’s environmental performance and mitigate the effects of its operation, such as reducing and managing waste while preserving natural resources.


F&B Safety:

In addition to sourcing the finest raw materials and ingredients for our dishes and beverages, our food safety management procedure includes identifying, evaluating and controlling all food safety hazards.


Community Actions:
In recognition of the importance it places on the community in which it operates, our eco-friendly Paphos hotel makes financial and social contributions whenever and wherever possible.


Human Resources: 

At our workplace, there is no discrimination based on age, race, gender, nationality, disability or religion. We provide our staff with opportunities for professional development while adhering to a fair and merit-based hiring process.


Occupational Health & Safety: 

Our culture is built on the values of kindness and security. Athena Royal Hotel is dedicated to providing a safe and healthy working environment where everyone feels like they are part of a team and is confident to carry out their responsibilities.


Quality Assurance:  

We contribute to our guests’ satisfaction by constantly improving our services, enhancing both the performance of our products and the development of our people,  thus meeting the highest quality standards.


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